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Abstract management

Please comply the requirements for submitting an abstract!

Abstract Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in giving a presentation at the International Workshop on GNSS Ionosphere (IWGI2019). We are delighted that you have chosen to participate actively in this workshop and we look forward to reading your abstract.

what topics can be chosen during the abstract submission?


Sessions & Topics:

• Session 1: Ground Based Ionosphere Monitoring and Modelling

• Session 2: Space Based Ionosphere Monitoring and Modelling

• Session 3: Ionosphere / Plasmasphere Coupling and Radio Occultation

• Session 4: Ionospheric Effects on Navigation and Positioning

• Session 5: Ionospheric / Thermospheric Coupling Processes

• Session 6: Space Weather Impact on Earth/Space systems and infrastructures

• Session 7: Multi-GNSS, Current Status and Advances

Submission of Abstracts

You can submit abstracts without firmly registering to the workshop. With the submission of an abstract you only will be pre-registered to the workshop, which is not binding. Nevertheless, in order to give an accepted presentation on the workshop it is required that the presenting author registers firmly to the workshop. Therefore with the acceptance notification, we will provide you with a link under which you will have the possibility to finalize your registration, which will then be binding.

Please follow all instructions carefully before submitting an abstract. All abstracts must be submitted in English, the official language of the conference. The authors can propose their paper for oral or poster presentation.

Abstract submission opens: April 01, 2019
Abstract Submission deadline is: June 25, 2019

Selection of Papers

Acceptance for paper presentation (oral or poster) is based upon review of the submitted abstracts. During the workshop the abstracts are provided to the participants in the program and abstract booklet.

Abstract Submission closed